Words of Love
I love the feeling of your touch upon my skin,
your breath upon my lips,
your words against my ears,
your lips against mine....
Your arms around me,
the gentle brush of your cheek against mine,
your hand gently wrapped around mine...
the sound of your laugh,
the way you smile at me,
the way you look deep into my eyes,
with your eyes,
so loving,
the smell of you....
The feeling of your tongue softly moving around my mouth,
the soft sound of your whisper upon my ear, "I love you",
the sudden wholeness I feel when I am with you,
wrapped in your arms,
the way you are always giving of yourself, and never selfish...
you love me like no other person has ever loved me….
And I love you like I have never loved before….
I see your eyes blinking, just staring into mine,
loving me,
I love the way your hands reach out and hold me near...
the soft touch of your fingers against my arm,
the light feeling of your hand against my back,
the look in your eyes,
as you admire me,
and I admire you,
the wonder in my heart from the love you give to me....
The quietness of being together,
and the mutual knowledge of our love,
yet the lack of knowledge, for its magnitude,
I hear your voice tell me "I love you",
yet I know much more is meant...
words being too few.

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